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Highly scalable, customizable web conferencing capable of delivering 4K video quality, multi camera views, and enhanced security. Intouch is locally developed and supported in Naperville, IL, USA.

Why Use Intouch?

Extra Security

Customers can choose end to end encryption during usage or data encryption when recording.   Your team can opt in to host Intouch in your own data center or use IdeaNova hosting solutions.  Users can also choose to store access credentials in their corporate directory and thus manage identities using their existing identity and access control tools.


Make no mistake, your brand comes before anything else.  The sky is the limit.  Intouch offers a full set of customization options like: logo, background, and social feeds that can be further enhanced with specialized features requested by each customer. Make Intouch as unique as your brand.

Easy To Use

Intouch will put your bandwidth and high quality cameras to good use.  With sufficient network availability, Intouch is capable of rendering up to 4K content in HDR quality. 

Fresh Features

Many features that are built into Intouch cannot be easily found elsewhere.  This range of productivity features such as room setup, quick pods view of active rooms, presenter video overlay on shared presentations, and multi-camera mode. 

A Web Conferencing Tool Unlike Any Other

Intouch is not only easy to use but also more secure and accessible by a wide range of laptops and mobile devices.  It is accessible directly in the browser with no need to install additional applications.   Customers that desire native access can download our Android and iOS application directly from the Google and Apple application stores.


I love how IdeaNova was able to integrate our branding into our presentation. They truly helped bring our brand to life. With so many virtual meetings, our presentation with IdeaNova is one that truly stood out. It was unique, bright, and made our branding pop.

Kaylin Risvold

President & CEO, NACC

There are so many things to love about this service, but at the top is just how fast and easy it is to join a meeting. Connecting with your team or client is as simple as "meet me at the normal hangout" which can easily be bookmarked. We also like that Intouch has made the entire process secure with meetings being hosted right here in the US. Finally, we can't get over how customizable the interface and video quality settings are. You can even have your meetings in 4k if your camera supports it! We love Intouch and are excited to see what they come up with next!

Tom Legens

Founder, WebArc

IdeaNova’s Intouch technology provides the perfect opportunity to brand your live video technology and create an environment only YOU can boast.  Backgrounds, buttons, screen format, and desired functionality are all customizable to ensure everyone attending your meeting or program virtually never forgets who they are doing business with.

Kelli Keyzers

Director Marketing & Communications, NACC

We are excited to partner with the IdeaNova team. It has been exciting to work together in this new global environment.

Ron Choudhury

CEO, 247HH

Intouch lets us work with our clients knowing every part of the solution is secure. Not only is user data protected, but the platform gives us extra security to control the workflow of every meeting with flexible deployment options.

Dan Beckett

Principal Inventor, Ideola

From day one IdeaNova listened to our team’s requests, security needs and customization needs of Intouch for our firm. We were able to implement specific features, branding options and had the support we needed.

Nick Laramie

IT Manager, Huck Bouma

Throughout the summer I used Intouch everyday as part of our virtual classroom to help teach high school and university students data science skills. With over 40 students enrolled in my program, I found the platform easy to use, reliable, and offered many of the features I would expect when running a classroom. What was different about this platform from others I've used was how streamlined all the features were. After a student was registered for my workshop, I only had to send out the link to the classroom and they could login easily – in less than a minute a student could join my workshop after I sent them an invite. Students could also hop between breakout rooms which freed me to focus my teaching efforts in the main session.


The video quality was exceptional and worked great for when students were presenting their screen or all of us talking as a group in a roundtable discussion. I was able to record each session with no difficulties in playback quality which helped my students understand the materials.


The best part was the customer service if I had a question or wanted to know about a particular aspect of their service. I developed a positive relationship with their team as they helped me reach my goals and were helpful and courteous in all aspects of communication.

Lee Doucet

Research Analyst,

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