Oct 18, 2021 | case study
Oct 18, 2021 | case study

Intouch Web Meetings Solved Education Challenge for Rel8ed.to

The Rel8ed.to Analytics team has been using Intouch since April of 2021. Rel8ed.to is a data analytics company based in St. Catherines, Ontario.

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Lee Doucet, a Research Analyst from Rel8ed.to, used IdeaNova’s Intouch product as a virtual classroom for high school and college students around Canada and Buffalo, NY. The students worked on Data Science skills which directly related to real work projects. They had guest experts join to present to the classroom and ask/answer questions. Lee used this for everything related to the classroom experience:

  • training sessions
  • web scraping for data lessons
  • live demos
  • night classes
  • interviews

Throughout the summer I used Intouch everyday as part of our virtual classroom to help teach high school and university students data science skills. With over 40 students enrolled in my program, I found the platform easy to use, reliable, and offered many of the features I would expect when running a classroom. What was different about this platform from others I've used was how streamlined all the features were. After a student was registered for my workshop, I only had to send out the link to the classroom and they could login easily – in less than a minute a student could join my workshop after I sent them an invite. Students could also hop between breakout rooms which freed me to focus my teaching efforts in the main session. – Lee Doucet    


Lee expressed that they achieved their goals because Intouch features were easy to use.  The platform itself is web based and therefore quickly accessible with a click of a button.  Students could break off into rooms to work together or participate in one common session. They were working on data extraction and creating presentations which they delivered through Intouch thanks to a convenient screen share functionality.  The performance of screen sharing was much better than the same functionality of MS Teams, which impressed the audience and presenters.   Rel8ed.to used a customized instance of Intouch, with dedicated servers and a tailored user interface to fit their requirements.  These features are another differentiator of Intouch, making Intouch suitable for more secure deployments or configuration where the company brand, brand user interface, and user experience components are important to the customer.

Rel8ed was impressed with the stability and consistency of the product. A huge factor in the success and attractiveness of Intouch was the extensive recording which created great video quality. Intouch recording is easy to launch and finish. User friendliness, multi-session (breakout pods), and security were a few more factors that led to such a high success rate.

 “The best part was the customer service, if I had a question or wanted to know about a particular aspect of their service. I developed a positive relationship with their team as they helped me reach my goals and were helpful and courteous in all aspects of communication. – Lee Doucet

About Rel8ed.to.  Rel8ed.to Analytics  is a US / Canada based company focused on extracting and correlating data to solve common business problems using clean, open-source data.  Their customers range from private industry to government entities around the world.

About IdeaNova Technologies, Inc.

IdeaNova Technologies, Inc. is a software company with more than a decade of experience in IT security and secure video streaming. They pioneered the distribution and integration of secure streaming technologies in the aviation, media, and entertainment industries. If you’d like to learn more about Intouch or the growing suite of products, please contact IdeaNova Technologies at 630-470-9477 or email info@ideanovatech.com.