Intouch Web Conferencing Platform Official Launch

NAPERVILLE, IL – February 2nd, 2021 – IdeaNova Technologies has officially launched their Intouch product: a video conferencing solution that incorporates important security features lacking in other web conferencing tools.  Intouch provides a single platform for group audio and video conferencing on laptops, Android, and iOS devices with additional features such as enhanced security, ability to customize the user interface and experience, multiple viewing options with the ability to connect to more than one camera, and HD/4K capabilities.  Intouch provides a unique user experience and puts the control in the hands of businesses to highlight their brand from the very first moment users launch Intouch. Meeting attendees won’t see a generic brand such as Zoom, or even Intouch – they will see your company name and image. Your brand is front and center when they connect with your customized version of Intouch.

Intouch is well suited for music lovers – virtual lessons will now be easier with the multi-camera angle function. The face of an instructor and details of an instrument during your lesson can both be highlighted near real time even though users may be miles apart.

This also applies to all areas of performance arts, online instruction, and training sessions. Educational institutions will also benefit not only from the multiple camera angles, but also HD/4K capabilities in following along with instructors’ lessons on a white board. In addition, no other web conferencing platforms are taking advantage of 4K/HD capabilities. Assuming users have good bandwidth – Intouch users will now be able to.

Intouch allows for seamless use directly in-browser that does not require additional plugins or downloads. However, if users choose, there are native applications available on both iOS and Android.

Security is paramount in everything we do. Intouch’s encryption methods on the web make sure data is secure not only though transfer (end-to-end), but also at rest. For example, if users need to record a conversation, they can be assured that every bit is secure  Additionally, users have the ability to use Intouch on-premise or in the cloud.

Another enhanced feature is advanced customization.  Intouch allows the entire user interface and experience to be designed based on customer preferences. If meeting participants would prefer to begin using chat, then later transferring over to video – this workflow is possible using Intouch.

Intouch provides a full list of features such as text messaging, screen sharing, gallery view, and easy access through popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

IdeaNova CEO Juraj Siska said “We believe that customers at every level can benefit from this new technology.  Casual video conversation can be enhanced using virtually limitless customization options, more than one camera and higher video resolution.  Confidential business transactions can be carried through at a higher level of security using dedicated servers and full encryption.”

For more information or to contact us about Intouch, visit the official Intouch website:

About IdeaNova Technologies, Inc

IdeaNova Technologies, Inc. is a software company with more than a decade of experience in IT security and secure video streaming. They pioneered the distribution and integration of secure streaming technologies if aviation and Media and Entertainment industry. If you’d like to learn more about Intouch, Inplay or the growing suite of products, please contact IdeaNova Technologies at 630-470-9477 or email

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